Safety Consulting

Regardless of the size of your operation, Competent Safety can provide professional safety consulting services to your company on a frequency that meets your needs and improves the overall safety and risk management of your operations

Competent Safety is a leading provider of safety consulting services for the construction, general industry and insurance industries throughout the Tri-state area. Our team of highly qualified and experienced safety professionals can assist on a part time basis or in a full time capacity.

Examples of the customized services we provide include

✓ Workplace safety audits.


✓ Safety Auditing/ Assessments for Confined Space Entry (CSE), Machine — Guarding, Lockout/ Tagout (LOTO), OSHA Recordkeeping,


✓ Fall Protection/ Prevention, etc.


✓ Safety Prequalification Services.


✓ Safety Representation – Provide representation for a company on a part time basis to assist with regulatory compliance or augmentation of current safety initiatives.


✓ OHSAS 18001 / ISO 14001 Certification Assistance.


✓ Corporate Safety Appraisal ✓ Site Safety Plans.


✓ Health and Safety Plans.


✓ Noise Mitigation Plans.

✓ Written Safety Policy / Program Development & Review.




✓ Written Safety Manual Review


✓ Safety Inspections


✓ Incident Analysis


✓ Site Visits


✓ Training


✓ OSHA Inspection Assistance (onsite & informal process).


✓ Incident Investigation / Emergency Response.


✓ Construction Project Staffing.


✓ Excavation Plans.


✓ Logistics Plans.


✓ Tenant Protection Plans.

✓ Recordkeeping Assistance (300 log, insurance paperwork, file system setup, etc.)


✓ Technical Resource for Safety Related Questions


✓ Additional Services we can provide include:

– Industrial Hygiene Monitoring (noise/air sampling).


✓ Ergonomic Assessments & Training.


✓ Permits filing/Expediting services.


✓ Citation Removal.


✓ Company Specific.


✓ Project-Specific Safety Plan.


✓ Comprehensive (Combined)Fire Safety/ Emergency Action Plans (EAP).


✓ Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans (FS).


✓ Fire Protection Plans.

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